“Dazzlers” Scissors

In a collaborative project with two other designers, we created a new design for scissors, focusing on the preferences of pre-school-aged girls, with the aim of creating something fun and exciting. We did a lot of research, talking to teachers and parents, but especially telling was our collaborative research.

We asked a focus group of girls to colour and decorate a generic drawing of scissors. We noticed some common elements among the responses, but there was too much variety to suggest a single aesthetic that all pre-school girls prefer.What we did notice quite strongly, was how eager our collaborators were eager to contribute their ideas. We learned that everything — even a craft tool itself — can be a craft and everything can be improved with more colour and more stickers!

So instead of choosing a particular appearance for our scissors, we decided to design a “create-your-own-scissors kit” with multi-coloured blades, and handles and enough adhesive-backed jewels and stickers to satisfy our co-desingers but compact an inexpensive enough to be a regular purchase for back-to-school shopping or a home craft set. We developed a package and visual map of our project to fully communicate our concept and how we developed it.