Medical Infusion Pump System

This was a collaborative project with fellow design students and a pharmacy student at the University of Alberta. We redesigned a system to replace the standard infusion pump that patients undergoing chemotherapy wear. During treatment, a person must keep the pump on or near his or her body at all times, since it is attached to a port needle in the upper chest.

First, we redesigned the shape of the pump so that it fits to the body more easily than the standard model, which is roughly bottle-shaped. Typically, a user has the option of a utilitarian fanny pack or back pack to hide away the conspicuous pump, but the cases we designed fits over the pump like a skin. We explored some of the many pattern, colour, and material options for these cases to show how they could be made to suit a wide variety of age groups, and aesthetic preferences. We also offered the user alternative methods of attachment such as belt loops, a sturdy clip, and shoulder straps, so that he or she can wear the pump, and arrange the associated tubing, in whatever configuration is most comfortable.