“Nestlers” Salt & Pepper Shakers

NESTLERS animation

This set of objects is inspired by “The Adventure of the Married Couple” by Italo Calvino. In the story, the two characters have opposing work shifts that prevent them from having more than a few hours together each day. Their relationship is defined by the spaces in their home which they share, rotating in and out, yet rarely occupy at the same time. To reflect this, the shakers’ bottoms and the container’s inner plane are slanted so that, when the bottom shaker is removed, the upper shaker slides down and nestles into the bottom shaker’s spot. Also, when a shaker is set down outside of the container it sits at an angle that off-sets it’s pattern from its mate’s, suggesting the lack of alignment in the story.

Below you’ll find images of a full-scale 3D-printed white model, renderings of the shakers in an appropriate environment and a poster summarizing the project.

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