Wedding Stationery, Florals, & Decorations

For my recent wedding, I decided to take on the roles of graphic designer, decorator, and florist. This was motivated partly by frugality, partly by the desire to have maximum creative control (I probably would have done the photography myself, but wedding selfies sound a little tacky). I’m not sure whether I saved a lot of money doing things this way, but it made for a really fun year of preparation and planning and I learned a lot of new skills along the way. I was really happy with how everything turned out!

First, we sent out save-the-date postcards. We had decided on turquoise and gold for our colours so I developed a little monogram then used it to make a pattern.

I decided to shift gears a little when it came to the invitations. I  wanted something that reflected the church, the reception venue, and my dress — something with a slightly more traditional, classic look but used the same colour scheme. So I made a new monogram and pattern which I incorporated into the invitations and other printed elements.

Below is a collection of other projects I completed for the wedding. I made my own brooch bouquet and created corsages and boutonnieres to match its glittery style. I found good use for my collection of dollar store ribbon by weaving it into the card basket. Finally, I carved into a styrofoam plate to make a reusable stamp to decorate the popcorn and candy bags. Props to the husband for long hours spend printing on those bags!